OPTIMIZE Partner Program

We evolve your affiliate program: The entire team of experts at The Partner Army is at your disposal to analyze, develop, manage, optimize, and revolutionize your program.

Who is this Program for?

The OPTIMIZE Partner Program is an exclusive program from The Partner Army designed for companies like yours that already have an affiliate program or special agreements that are not yielding the expected results. Sometimes, due to a lack of internal resources, marketing agreements remain in an automatic phase where affiliates feel neglected, and the results are minimal. These agreements do not add any value to the brand, and there is no incremental benefit.

Phases of the Optimize Partner Program

1. Analyze

Analysis and creation of a new strategy for your affiliate program:

We will conduct a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of your program. This study, based on more than 50 checkpoints, will be the foundation for creating the strategic plan that will help us revitalize and evolve your program.

2. Develop

Implementation of the new strategic plan:

We will provide your program with the necessary resources and expertise to achieve excellence. We will manage each affiliate relationship as if it were unique, focus on the mid and long-tail, and ensure that it begins to add value to your brand while exceeding the set objectives: increasing the number of sales, new customers, raising the average basket value, generating leads, etc.

3. Optimize

Intensive Recruitment Plan:

In this phase of the program, we will create new business opportunities and expand the types of affiliates promoting your brand. We will create incentive strategies to continue accelerating sales, seek new strategic agreements to revolutionize your program, and make it a key component of your Marketing Mix, as the ROI of your program will always be positive.

Learn more about the phases of the OPTIMIZE Partner Program:

This program begins with a comprehensive audit of your current program. We will analyze, among other things:
  • The technical implementation of the platform you are using.
  • The feasibility of the platform/network.
  • The data, performance, and results of your program.
  • The agreements, partners, and affiliates you collaborate with.
  • Commissions, fraud, promotional materials, etc.
  • Your competition and the rest of the market.
Once the data is analyzed, we will start designing a unique plan to reactivate, accelerate, and evolve your program. This plan will involve a lot of work and significant challenges, turning your affiliate channel into a key component of your Marketing Mix. Additionally, your results will increase exponentially, with no risks, based only on sales, and always maintaining a positive ROI.
This is the moment to implement the strategy designed in the previous phase. The team at The Partner Army will manage and optimize your program in three main phases: Program Improvement and Updates:
  • Update the integration on your platform or perform a complete migration to another system, whether it’s traditional, white label, or a custom program.
  • Implement new tools to enhance the promotion of your products or services by affiliates.
  • Adjust segments and commissions to make your program attractive with maximum profitability and cost control.
  • Update terms and conditions to protect your brand and minimize the risk of fraud.
Affiliate Optimization:
  • Renegotiate agreements to increase your visibility, adjust costs, and improve performance.
  • Reactivate abandoned affiliates to help them reach their optimal sales volume.
  • Verify compliance with the terms & conditions of your program to prevent misuse of your brand and costs related to fraudulent actions.
Process Efficiency Improvement:
  • Simplify administrative and billing processes.
  • Launch the new communication plan with affiliates to maximize their potential.
  • Optimize internal communication processes to increase channel effectiveness.
  • Activate the new reporting system, which is simpler, more useful, and transparent to help you make the most appropriate decisions for your business.
Having an affiliate program that plays a significant role in your company compared to other non-100% performance channels is not easy. But the key is simple: dedicating time to effective communication and management of each partner you work with and having a team of experts who create new business opportunities. Only brands with substantial resources can achieve this. At The Partner Army, given our experience, we know that the optimization phase of an affiliate program requires a lot of time and effort. This is precisely what we excel at, and together we will: – Improve relationships with top affiliates to maximize their sales. – Increase the number of active affiliates by seeking collaborations with mid and long-tail partners to diversify the types of agreements. – Create unique agreements with strategic partners that bring much more to your brand. – Develop incentive strategies to accelerate sales. – Continuously optimize program costs to achieve excellence in ROI.