STARTER Partner Program

We design and create your affiliate program: The Partner Army puts its entire army to work to design, create, launch, and manage a unique and sales-oriented affiliate program tailored 100% to your brand.

Who is this Program for?

This program has been specially created for brands like yours who understand the need to reduce dependence on paid channels like SEM/PPC. With Affiliate Marketing, a 100% performance-based model where you pay only for actual sales, you can reduce your marketing costs and always achieve a positive ROI.

Phases of the Starter Partner Program:

1. Build

We Design Your Affiliate Program:

We put all our expertise to work in building your program, analyzing your brand, business, and competition beforehand. We will define a unique and effective strategy that helps us identify the foundational pillars for your program, guiding us towards accelerating sales and achieving excellence in affiliate relationships.

2. Activate

We Activate and Launch Your Affiliate Program:

The expert team at The Partner Army will develop a tailored plan for recruiting and activating key partners and affiliates. We will provide your program with the appropriate resources, affiliates, and partners to achieve a successful program launch.

3. Grow

Intensive Recruitment Plan:

The most critical phase that will determine the success of your program: Our army will dedicate the time, knowledge, and resources required to continue increasing the number of affiliates and accelerating your business's sales. Thanks to our efficient and strategic management, we will turn your affiliate program into a key component of your marketing mix.

Learn more about the phases of the STARTER Partner Program:

This first phase is highly complex from both a technical and strategic perspective. The expert team at The Partner Army leverages their knowledge and experience to ensure your program is precisely what your brand needs. Among other things, these are the key points we will focus on:
  • Defining the affiliate strategy to align it with your brand’s objectives.
  • Assisting you in selecting and negotiating the best tracking solution, whether it’s a SaaS, white-label, or traditional platform.
  • Reviewing contract details, terms, and conditions to define your program’s security and commission system for maximum profitability.
  • Overseeing technical implementation, tools, promotional material uploads, and more.
  • Defining internal/external processes for maximum efficiency.
At this point, we are ready to launch your program. Shall we proceed?
In this phase, we will ensure that the launch of your program is a success. The army of The Partner Army will take care of:
  • Designing and activating a recruitment plan focused on attracting the affiliates with whom we will launch the program.
  • Guiding these affiliates through the registration and tool implementation process, immersing them in your products or services, and turning them into the best brand ambassadors.
  • Revisiting technical implementation and conducting final tests to be 100% certain that everything is working correctly.
And after a lot of hard work, your program will be active! During the initial days, our team will closely monitor the launch, analyze the impact, and assess the initial results.
We are entering one of the most critical phases because the real success of the program, sales acceleration, and achieving the set objectives depend on it. If you don’t want your Affiliate Program to become another program where agreements are abandoned, sales stagnate, there’s only a major sales peak on Black Friday, and only 10% of the partners generate 90% of the sales… you need to partner with The Partner Army. We help you evolve your program and the relationship with your affiliates to maximize your sales. We will take care of:
  • Developing the recruitment strategy to expand and enhance the variety of affiliates to achieve your sales objectives.
  • Negotiating new synergies and agreements with key partners that add value to your brand.
  • Activating and incentivizing those affiliates who are most effective at attracting new customers, sales, or registrations.
  • Constantly analyzing the program and affiliate performance, providing useful reports to help you make strategic business decisions.
  • Rigorously and exhaustively monitoring fraud.
  • Continuously updating and innovating the program to adapt it to each situation and achieve maximum profitability.
  • Enhancing agreements that are generating sales and scaling them. We will focus on what isn’t working to optimize it.
  • Cultivating relationships with affiliates to maximize their involvement and unlock their full potential.
  • Simplifying your work by handling heavy processes such as invoicing, sales validation, or creative uploads.
In short, we will turn your affiliate program into a fundamental part of your business, maintaining the highest standards so you don’t have to worry about a thing.