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Affiliate Marketing is the best tool to multiply your sales

Affiliate Marketing can help grow your business steadily with a positive return, thanks to agreements with key partners and affiliates. We are the first Spanish Affiliate Marketing agency with over 15 years of experience managing affiliate programs, solely focused on increasing your sales and working with partners who bring real value to your business. We are not a 360º agency. We are Affiliate Marketing

What phase is your brand in?


  • Have you heard about the potential of Affiliate Marketing, or are you planning to create a national or international affiliate program but are not quite sure how to get started?


  • Do you have an affiliate program that has been stagnant for a long time? Do you need a new strategy to evolve it or advanced agreements that truly add value to your brand?


  • Do you need an effective change in your affiliate channel strategy that maximizes your sales? Are you looking for external consultancy for your affiliate program?

What do companies think about Affiliate Marketing?

Do they believe that agreements with others drive the growth of their business?

Completely agree / Agree
In disagreement / Completely in disagreement

Do they consider it easy to acquire staff and resources to manage them?

Difficult or very difficult (%)
Easy or very easy (%)

* Data based on The Partner Ecosystem, 2020 KPI Survey by Crossbeam

Every day, companies are increasingly demanding professionals to manage their affiliate channel. That’s why The Partner Army, the first Affiliate Marketing agency in Spain, has designed three specific programs to help you evolve your business.

Our Programs

Partner Program

  • Build, Activate &  Grow:
  • We help you design and develop your affiliate program from scratch. We will also initiate intensive affiliate recruitment.

Partner Program

  • Analyze, Develop, & Optimize:
  • We optimize and relaunch your affiliate program to exceed your sales goals. We review the affiliate recruitment strategy.

Partner Program

  • Consulting & Partner Coaching:
  • We thoroughly analyze the state of your program, design a tailored strategic plan, and provide affiliate training for your team.
At The Partner Army, we will help you accelerate your business through Affiliate Marketing, and we can also assist with your Distributed Commerce, Media Partnerships, Business Development, Performance Marketing, and Referral Marketing strategy.

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