Partner Marketing

We are the first national agency of experts in Affiliate Marketing and Partner Marketing with a 100% performance focus.

Partner Marketing comprises strategies, tools, and actions that aid in developing and managing digital marketing agreements with third parties. These agreements primarily aim to generate sales.

6 Partner Marketing Tools:

Affiliate Marketing

Thanks to its CPA model (only remunerates with a commission for valid sales) and measurement technology, affiliate programs make it easier for affiliates (coupon websites, cashback sites, price comparison platforms, blogs, and verticals, etc.) to promote and sell products and services from brands. Some brands have more than 5,000 affiliates or publishers promoting their products, all managed from a single platform.

Media Partnerships

It allows for agreements with major media outlets. We’re not talking about running display campaigns or native ads; we’re referring to real integrations, including having your own store or section within a digital newspaper. Such agreements not only generate sales but also add value to the brand.

Distributed Commerce

The advancement of technology allows us to integrate your brand’s products into another website or e-commerce platform. What’s interesting here is that the purchase is completed on the partner’s website thanks to the implementation of a transactional API.

Performance Marketing

Thanks to agreements with third parties, and always with a sales-focused model, it is possible to cover the needs of SEM, Paid Social, Google Shopping, etc.

Referral Marketing

Technology today allows us not only to do new things but also to do things differently that bring sales and value to the brand. Thanks to Referral Marketing programs, your users become ambassadors of your brand by promoting your products to their contacts in exchange for commissions or points for each valid sale.

Business Development

There are endless possibilities for growing your business through partnerships with third parties. All you need is to have a team of experts by your side to guide and manage these agreements.

Partner Marketing has been established in the United States for over 10 years and is also prevalent in some European countries like England and France. It has become a fundamental pillar of the marketing mix for many companies and can account for between 30% and 35% of a company’s revenue when these practices are adopted.

But how is Partner Marketing managed?

This new horizon of possibilities expands and diversifies the options for third-party agreements, consequently diversifying your business. However, it also implies an increase in complexity when it comes to closing, implementing, and managing these new agreements, which often require human resources to execute.

This new landscape of opportunities is streamlined thanks to the management of The Partner Army’s expert team. With 15 years of experience, our mission is to increase the number of sales and new customers while reducing costs and consistently maintaining a positive ROI.